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Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy is a key text for students, practitioners and managers alike. The demands of practice, legislation, registration and the.
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Six principles serve as a basis for the ethical evaluation of professional conduct and form the underlying moral basis for the Code of Ethics. Individuals subscribing to this Code shall observe these principles as affirmative obligations under all conditions of professional activity.

Ethical Proscriptions.

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Ethical Proscriptions are formal statements of prohibitions that are derived from the Principles of Ethics. Matters of Professional Propriety. Matters of Professional Propriety represent guidelines of conduct designed to promote the public interest and thereby better inform the public and particularly the persons in need of speech-language pathology and audio logy services as to the availability and the rules regarding the delivery of those services.

Individuals shall use every resource available, including referral to other specialists as needed, to provide the best service possible. Individuals shall fully inform persons served of the nature and possible effects of the services.

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  • Individuals shall fully inform subjects participating in research or teach-activities of the nature and possible effects of these activities. Individuals shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid injuring persons in the delivery of professional services. Individuals must not exploit persons in the delivery of professional services including accepting persons for treatment when benefit cannot reasonably be expected or continuing treatment unnecessarily.

    Individuals must not guarantee the results of any therapeutic procedures, directly or by implication. A reasonable statement of prognosis may be made, but caution must be exercised not to mislead persons served professionally to expect results that cannot be predicted from sound evidence. Individuals must not use persons for teaching or research in a manner that constitutes invasion of privacy or fails to afford informed free choice to participate.

    Individuals must not evaluate or treat speech, language or hearing disorders except in a professional relationship. They must not evaluate or treat solely by correspondence.

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    This does not preclude follow-up correspondence with persons previously seen, not providing them with general information of an educational nature. Individuals must not reveal to unauthorized persons any professional or personal information obtained from the person served professionally, unless required by law or unless necessary to protect the welfare of the person or the community.

    Individuals must not discriminate in the delivery of professional services on any basis that is unjustifiable or irrelevant to the need for and potential benefit from such services, such as race, sex, age, or religion. Individuals engaging in clinical practice or supervision thereof must hold required credential s to practice in the state in which they are providing or supervising professional services.

    Individuals shall identify competent, dependable referral sources services for persons served professionally. Individuals must neither provide services nor supervision of services for which they have not been properly prepared, nor permit services to be provided by any their of who are not properly prepared. Individuals must not provide clinical services by prescription of anyone who does not hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence.

    Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy

    Individuals must not delegate any service requiring the competence of a certified clinician anyone unqualified. Individuals must not offer clinical services by supportive personnel for whom they do not provide appropriate supervision and assume full responsibility. Individuals must not require anyone under their supervision to engage in any practice that is a violation of the Code of Ethics.

    Individuals' statements to persons served professionally and to the public shall provide information about nature and management of communicative disorders, and about the professions and services rendered by its practitioners. Individuals' public statements providing information about professional services and products must not contain representations or claims that are false, deceptive or misleading. Individuals must not use professional or commercial affiliations in any way that would mislead or limit services to persons served professionally.

    Individuals should announce services in a manner consonant with highest professional standards in the community.

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    Individuals shall maintain objectivity in all matters concerning the welfare of persons served professionally. Individuals who dispense products to persons served professionally shall observe the following standards:. Individuals must not participate in activities that constitute a conflict of professional interest.

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    Individuals should not accept compensation for supervision or sponsorship from the clinical fellow being supervised or sponsored beyond reasonable reimbursement for direct expenses. Individuals should present products they have developed to their colleagues in a manner consonant with highest professional standards.

    Individuals shall honor their responsibilities to the public, their professions, and their relationships with colleagues and members of allied professions. Individuals should seek to provide and expand services to persons with speech, language and hearing handicaps as well as to assist in establishing high professional standards for such programs. Individuals should educate the public about speech, language and hearing processes, speech, language and hearing problems, and matters related to professional competence. Individuals should strive to increase knowledge within the profession and share research with colleagues.

    Individuals should establish harmonious relations with colleagues and members of other professions, and endeavor to inform members of related professions of services provided by speech language pathologists and audiologists, as well as seek information from them. Individuals should assign credit to those who have contributed to a publication in proportion to their contribution.

    Individuals shall uphold the dignity of the profession and freely accept the profession's selfimposed standards.

    Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy

    Individuals shall inform the Executive Council when they have reason to believe that a member or certificate holder may have violated the Code of Ethics. Course Type: Video You never expected to find yourself in an ethical predicament in the field of speech-language pathology, did you? In this course, we address these situations head on and provide approaches to avoid them in the future.

    In this presentation we evaluate general ethical concerns and situations across several professions and then hone in on situations we encounter in the field of speech-language pathology in our work serving students from diverse backgrounds. This course is offered for 0. Bilinguistics receives royalty payments for online courses. Early Childhood , School Age.