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Results 1 - 16 of 23 Das europäische Satellitennavigationssystem GALILEO. Relevanz für die ESVP in einem internationalen System der Balance of Power.
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House approves government spending bill despite conservative revolt. US open to tariff exemptions for more countries. Posters will be displayed in the coffee room throughout the entire week. In the poster room, coffee and snacks are served during morning and the afternoon breaks, which fosters poster discussions in spare time. Thus, the posters are decisively placed prominently to set seeds for informal discussions. We do not see posters as the second-best option to talks but rather as the main conveyors of arguments to share ideas and link the two scientific fields.

Poster boards are in portrait format, and authors can make use of the full dimensions of Material necessary for attaching the poster to the poster board is available at the conference venue. Find the EGU on.

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To this end we plan to do the following: survey the state of the field in a series of keynote lectures from leading environmental seismologists; decisively foster overarching discussion between individual programme points by including scheduled discussion time after talks and allowing for plenty of contact time outside of scheduled activities; work towards focused discussion in break-out groups. Theme A — Keynote speakers Introductions to five major topics with relevance for the seismological investigation of environmental processes will be given in minute keynote lectures.

The following speakers have already agreed to enrich the conference: Geomorphic processes Seismic sources Seismic wave propagation Water and ice Mass movements Theme B — Break-out groups One of the main goals of the conference is to promote scientific interactions between attendees such that fruitful ideas emerge and grow. Suggested break-out discussion topics pushing forward theoretical frameworks to provide quantitative insights to environmental seismic sources and their generated wave characteristics; identifying the unique monitoring capabilities of seismic measurements, as well as their limitations and uncertainties compared to conventional methods; developing dedicated seismic devices and experimental designs tailored to the needs of environmental seismology; identifying important geomorphic research questions that are difficult to tackle with traditional methods but become tractable using seismic methods; evaluating seismic data against independent observations: towards a benchmark library; conducting real-time seismic monitoring of environmental processes: towards event anticipation, warning, and risk assessment for natural hazard applications.

Less than a minute after the receiver lost lock on the satellites, the solution reconverged below the centimeter level, while it took less than 30 seconds to go below 50 centimeters.

RMS error of the horizontal position components of kinematic trajectory using GPS and Galileo data and the smoothed ionosphere approach after filter restart. Two-constellation PPP enables faster re convergence compared to the single constellation case. An analysis of GNSS signal availability, continuity and satellite geometry was also performed to study the feasibility of PPP in urban environments.

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Preliminary results, based on simulations, showed that dual-constellation GPS plus Galileo PPP is possible in urban areas with relatively short buildings in which a satellite minimum availability requirement is met most of the time. However, signal discontinuity still represents the major problem for traditional PPP in urban environments, due to long reconvergence times. Finally, we proposed a new PPP configuration based on triple-frequency combinations, intended to minimize the noise on the pseudorange and corrected by a smoothed ionospheric delay. This configuration seems to provide faster reconvergence than the traditional PPP with the IF combination if applied to kinematic scenarios.

In static applications, the very slow varying multipath error makes the proposed weighting method, based on the error in the smoothed ionosphere correction, overly optimistic.

In such cases, the IF combination reconverges more quickly to high-accuracy levels better than 20 centimeters. The research described in this article was sponsored through a studentship agreement between the University of Nottingham and Rockwell Collins UK Limited.

All figures attributed to the authors unless otherwise specified. He received his M. He holds a Ph. Johnson has a B. Basile, T. Moore, C. Hill, G. McGraw and A. Smolyakov and R. Escher, M. Stanisak and U. Wang, P. Groves and M. Ziebart in Journal of Navigation , Vol.

Ji, W. Chen, X. Ding, Y.

Life and Works of Galileo - Thematic Visit

Chen, C. Zhao and C. Hu in Journal of Navigation , Vol.

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Hwang and M. Laurichesse and S. Bisnath, J. Aggrey, G. Seepersad and M. Collins, S. Bisnath, F. Lahaye, and P. Laurichesse, F. Mercier, J. Berthias, P. Broca and L. Cerri in Navigation , Vol. Teunissen and O.

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