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This thesaurus embraces this ambiguity by giving as much information to the reader as possible. This was accomplished in two phases.

Websters New World Concise Dictionary and Thesaurus

In the first phase, maximum-likelihood English translations of the Romanian Latin Script subject words are given. An English translation having. In the second phase, English synonyms for all parts of speech, including those not related to the original Romanian Latin Script subject, are given for each English translation generated by the first phase.

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If an English entry is most used as a certain part of speech estimated based on an English language corpus , then English synonyms for that part of speech are listed first. This indicates to the speaker of Romanian Latin Script how the English subject word is most used. Other parts of speech are listed based on their frequency of usage in English.

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  6. Within each part of speech, synonyms most likely to be used in English are listed first. This book may be the first Romanian Latin Script -English thesaurus ever published. All the errors and omissions are mine.

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    I will certainly revise and improve this book at some later date, so if you wish to see better editions published in the future, please send any suggestions, corrections, or translations to webstersedits2 hotmail. Aparatul appliance; synonyms n apparatus, device, gadget, facility, application, contrivance, anula zero; synonyms n nil, nothing, nobody, cipher, convenience, implement, machine, tackle, use, naught, cypher, nought, null, nihil, nullity, aught, resource, contraption, engine, gizmo, instrument, nix, root, zilch, zip, nonentity.

    Broccoli broccoli; synonym n cauliflower. Fault tehnic technical foul; synonym n technical. Read Free For 30 Days.

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    ISBN The first chapter is a full English thesaurus organized by Vietnamese subject words. For each Vietnamese subject word, one or more corresponding English subject words translations are provided. Synonyms are then given for the English translations for all relevant parts of speech even in cases where the Vietnamese subject word has a unique part of speech. This process results in over English synonyms.


    The second chapter gives an index of these English synonyms back to the Vietnamese subject words a potentially useful chapter to English speakers interested in basic Vietnamese vocabulary. The third chapter has short vocabulary lists organized by parts-of-speech.

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