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Wiley's Remediation Technologies Handbook: Major Contaminant Chemicals and Chemical Groups, extracted from the Enviroglobe database, consists of .
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Risk management for hazardous chemicals by Jeffrey W.

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Provides material safety data sheet, risks to health, risks to environment, and risks to business operations for hazardous chemicals. Sax's dangerous properties of industrial materials 11th ed. Provides properties, toxicity data, standards and recommendations, cited references, consensus reports, safety profiles, analytical methods for each material. P Gessner, David. G38 Matthews, Dawn Ed. Environmental Health Sourcebook. Noise is usually defined as unwanted sound: loud music from a neighbor, the honk of a taxicab, the roar of a supersonic jet.

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But as Garret Keizer illustrates in this probing examination, noise is as much about what we want as about what we seek to avoid. In a journey that leads us from the primeval Tanzanian veldt to wind farms in Maine, Keizer invites us to listen to noise in history, in popular culture, and not least of all in our own backyards. He follows noise throughout history and across the globe. The result is guaranteed to change how we hear the world, and how we measure our own personal volume within it. Quicklist McCarthy, Elena.

T54 D In today's world, everyone carries a toxic load of dozens of industrially produced chemicals in their bloodstream. Not only do these adversely affect the health of adults and children, but they also damage the development of unborn infants through a cascade of endocrine disruptions. The urgent question thus arises: Is chemical pollution poisoning brain development and reversing evolution's most outstanding achievement: the human brain? And if so, as this book convincingly illuminates, what can be done about it both collectively and individually?

Toxic Cocktail provides a clear view of how many environmental chemicals interfere with brain development. Chemicals by Margaret Haerens Ed. Readers are treated to more than one viewpoint about each topic and subtopic, allowing them to think critically about their own opinions.

For twenty-five years E. Vallianatos saw the EPA from the inside, with rising dismay over how pressure from politicians and threats from prominent corporations were turning it from the public's watchdog into a "polluter's protection agency. D2 K Praised for its ability to kill insects effectively and cheaply and reviled as an ecological hazard, DDT continues to engender passion across the political spectrum as one of the world's most controversial chemical pesticides. In DDT and the American Century, David Kinkela chronicles the use of DDT around the world from to the present with a particular focus on the United States, which has played a critical role in encouraging the global use of the pesticide.

Kinkela's study offers a unique approach to understanding both this contentious chemical and modern environmentalism in an international context. Quicklist Levine, Marvin. News media brought the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" into the public consciousness, but when Marcus Eriksen cofounded the 5 Gyres Institute with his wife, Anna Cummins, and set out to study the world's oceans with hundreds of volunteers, they discovered a "plastic smog" of microscopic debris that permeates our oceans across the entire globe, defying simple clean-up efforts.

What's more, these microplastics and their toxic chemistry have seeped into the food chain, threatening marine life and humans alike. Far from being a gloomy treatise on an environmental catastrophe, though, Junk Raft tells the exciting story of Eriksen and his team's fight to solve the problem of global plastic pollution.

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Wiley's Remediation Technologies Handbook: Major Contaminant Chemicals and Chemical Groups

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Wiley's Remediation Technologies Handbook : Major Contaminant Chemicals and Chemical Groups

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